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Katie and Jim noticed how much fun their son Finn had collecting frogs and toads in the backyard. They started dreaming and planning about starting their own business.  Jim and Katie were already raising Red Eye Tree Frogs and Auratus Frogs.  Finn’s Frog Farm was officially established in April 2020.

This crazy passion for frogs has already been passed down to their son who loves roaming through the yard looking for toads.  He always wants to hold them.


Jim has over 30 years of retail experience including working and leading teams in brick and mortar stores and working at the corporate level.  Jim has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics from Saint Mary’s University.  Currently, Jim is working as a data sales analyst.  In this role Jim analyzes sales data for national retail brands to help drive sales, insure timely replenishment, naviagetives supply chain disruptions and facilitates having the correct data for their digital content.  Other areas of expertise include product design and branding, developing and leading teams, customer experience, logistics and replenishment expertise and of course 12 years of exotic frog breeding.


Katie has been teaching middle school since 2003.  Katie has the following teaching licenses: Elementary K-6, Middle School Math 5-8, and Computer Keyboarding and Related Technology K-8.  Katie also has a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and an Administration K-12 Principal license.  Katie loves the science and math that is part of owning a business and breeding frogs.  Katie collects frog data to use in her classroom.  Katie is also photographer and can often be found taking pictures and posting on social media.  Along with being the photographer and social media presence Katie raises the tadpoles, springtails cultures, froglets and works with Jim on product development and branding.

Our Team.

Finn's Frog Farm is a small, family-owned and operated business located in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.  It is a labor of love for The Theis Family.  Finn's Frog Farm specializes in the captive breeding of tree frogs and dart frogs.

Finn's Frog Farm's commitment to ethical and sustainable practices is evident in every aspect of its operation.  With a focus on conservation and responsible breeding, they strive to contribute positively to the preservation of amphibian species.

At Finn's Frog Farm, meticulous care is given to each frog, ensuring optimal health and well-being.  Frog habitats are designed to mimic the natural habitats of tree frogs and dart frogs, providing them with the ideal conditions for breeding and development.

In addition to fostering a deeper appreciation for amphibians through education and engagement, Finn's Frog Farm also serves as a trusted source for enthusiasts looking to start their own frog-keeping journey.  With expert advice and a diverse selection of healthy, ethically sourced frogs, Finn's Frog Farm helps hobbyists create thriving environments for these enchanting creatures in their own homes.


FiNN'S FROG FARM started out with a trip to the reptile show.  Baby Finn was crying so Katie took him to the car and waited for Jim.  Jim was holding a plastic container with six very small Red-Eye Tree Frogs.  After that, their hobby expanded to tree frogs, dart frogs, fruit flies, and everything in between..

FiNN'S FROG FARM is located in Cottage Grove, MN.

Eggs, Tadpoles, Frogs and Bugs

It has been an amazing adventure to raise frogs from tadpoles and see them continue the cycle.  Although the picture to the left looks like the tadpoles they are still in the egg.  The red lines that are coming from the egg are the gills and the way in which they breathe.

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