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ABG Mix -Tropical Terrarium and Vivarium Substrate -1 Gallon
  • Finn’s Frog Farm ABG mix is made with the same ingredients formulated by the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Our ABG mix is the ideal substrate media when building your tropical terrarium or vivarium. This mix retains moisture helping to maintain humidity. Your bioactive clean-up crew of isopods and springtails will do great in our ABG mix. ABG needs to be moistened before it is used in a terrarium or vivarium. Mix water into the substrate mix until it is evenly dampened. Our ABG Substrate should be used on top of a substrate barrier placed over a drainage layer to prevent the ABG substrate mix from becoming too saturated with water.


    GTIN: 00860011483649

    ABG Mix -Tropical Terrarium and Vivarium Substrate -1 Gallon

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