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Australian Whites Tree Frog - Normal
  • Other Names:

    • Whites Tree Frog
    • Dumpy Tree Frog
    • Litoria Caerulea (Scientific Name)



    • Great beginner frog
    • Variable green colors
    • Bold
    • Loud call
    • Large
    • Easy to handle
    • Can be housed in groups


    Recommended Vivarium Size: Australian Whites Tree frogs are a large frog and will need a larger habitat.  As a tree frog they will want a tall enclosure.  Exo Terra Glass Terrarium 18x18x24 or 18x18x36 are good for groups up to four.  Dumpy Tree Frogs need access to fresh clean water.


    Temperature: Range of 75 F to 85 F, recommended temperatures are  


    Humidity: Range of 50– 70%, Whites Tree Frogs can tolerate a wide range in humidity.  Ventilation is important in a White Tree Frog habitat.  Leave half of the top as a screen.


    Size: Adult Australian Whites Tree Frog can be 2-3 inches in size. Females are larger.


    Life-Span: Dumpys are capable of living well over 20 years in captivity under ideal conditions, although a lifespan of 10 years is more common.


    Feeding: Australian Whites Tree Frogs are eating crickets.


    Sexing: Finn's Frog Farms sells unsexed juvenile frogs, least three months out of the water.  


    Color/Pattern: Austrialian Whites Tree Frogs are a brign green, blue, or teal in color.  At night Whites Tree Frogs are purple or brown.  Whites Tree Frogs can also be blotchy in color.


    Social Behavior: These frogs do well housed in groups.  They can outcomplete each other with food.  Make sure each frog is getting enough to eat.  Finn's Frog Farm strongly recommends against housing different species/morphs of dart frogs. 


    Breeding:  Australian Whites will lay eggs on plants that can be above or submerged in water.  The best way to breed captive bred Whites Tree Frogs is the use of a rain chamber.

    Australian Whites Tree Frog - Normal

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