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Solanum sp. 'Ecuador'
  • Species: Solanum sp. 'Ecuador'

    Native to: Ecuador

    Temperature preferences: Warm to cool growing

    Water preferences: Medium moisture

    Terrestrial or Epiphytic: Epiphytic or Terrestrial

    General Information and Care: Solanum sp. 'Ecuador' is a vine that is an easy to grow terrarium species. The vine adds interest to any habitat.  It will climb along the ground or up towards the light.  As a young plant, the leaves are small at less than an inch. 

    Solanum sp. 'Ecuador' grows best with higher humidity. To establish a cutting, simply place on a bed of moist sphagnum and give it medium to high light and keep it humid.  This species establishes easily and will grow rapidly.


    Shipped Size: Tip cutting with at least 10 leaves.

    Solanum sp. 'Ecuador'

      • Vine
      • Fast growing
      • Deep Green with bright green veining
      • Terrestrial and Air plant
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