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Live Oak Leaf Litter
  • Our Live Oak Leaf Litter is the perfect addition to any terrarium or vivarium setup for your frogs and reptiles. Collected in the United States, this natural leaf litter provides a comfortable and realistic environment for your pets to live and thrive in. The leaves are carefully harvested and screened to ensure that they are free of any harmful chemicals or pesticides. Not only does it mimic their natural habitat, but it also helps to maintain appropriate humidity levels and provides a great hiding spot for your pets. Give your pets the best with our Live Oak Leaf Litter.

    Live Oak Leaf Litter

      • One gallon bag
      • Covers approximately 1.5 square feet to a depth of 1 inch
      • Variety of shapes and sizes
      • Provides shelter and hiding for dart frogs
      • Food source for springtails and isopods
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