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Magnolia Leaf Litter
  • Magnolia leaves have intricate textures, adding a touch of natural beauty to your terrariums and vivariums.  These leaves possess natural properties, helping to maintain a clean and healthy environment for plants and inhabitants.


    Magnolia leaves aid in moisture regulation, helping to create an optimal microclimate within your terrariums and vivariums.


    As the leaves decompose, they contribute to nutrient cycling and enrich the substrate, providing essential nutrients for your plants.


    Magnolia leaves contain natural compounds that act as mild insect repellents, helping to deter unwanted pests from your terrariums and vivariums.

    Magnolia Leaf Litter

      • One gallon bag
      • Covers approximately 1.5 square feet to a depth of 1 inch
      • Variety of shapes and sizes
      • Provides shelter and hiding for dart frogs
      • Food source for springtails and isopods
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