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Ranitomeya Variabilis
  • Characteristics:

    • Great beginner thumbnail
    • Bright yellow and black coloration
    • Moderately bold
    • Easy to breed
    • Quiet call
    • Small
    • Great in Groups


    Recommended Vivarium Size: A 10 gallon aquarium for 2-3 Ranitomeya variabilis.



    Temperature: They can tolerate a temperature range of 65 F to 80 F, but prefer temperatures in the low to mid 70s. Temperatures over 85F are dangerous.


    Humidity: Like most poison dart frogs, variabilis prefer a humidity range of 80 – 100%, but can tolerate humidity down to 50% for short periods of time if the frogs have access to water. Low humidity levels, especially without access to water, can quickly be fatal.


    Feeding: Melanogaster Fruit Flies or Turkish Gliders.

    Ranitomeya Variabilis

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