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Springtails 8 oz Culture
  • Springtails are a staple in vivariums.  Springtails are considered part of the “clean-up crew.”  They help the habitat by eating mold and waste.  The springtails are also a great food source for thumbnails and small dart frogs. These springtail cultures are already producing.  Raising the springtails on clay allow for easy seeding of vivariums and feeding animals.  It takes about 4-6 weeks for culture to boom.  Vent twice a week by opening and closing the lid.  Feed springtails once a week or more if no food is present.  Springtails also need a moist environment so add water as needed.

    Springtails 8 oz Culture

      • 8 ounce containers
      • Producing culture
      • Clay base
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