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Tradescantia Zebrina
  • Species:  Tradescantia Zebrina

    Common Name:  Inch Plant, Wandering Dude,  Spiderwort, (Wandering Jew is an outdated name)

    Native to: Mexico and Central America

    Temperature preferences: 65 to 80 degrees F, High humidity

    Water preferences:  Moderate, even moisture

    Terrestrial or Epiphytic: Terrestrial

    General Information and Care:  The inch plant is a must in any habitat.  It is easy to grow and fill in any empty spots.  Inhabitants will pop against this bright leaves.  The leaves are a beautiful green, silver, and purple.

    To establish a cutting, simply put the stem in moist substrate with a layer of sphagnum around it, then firm the mix around the stem so that it stands up


    Shipped Size: Tip cutting with at least 4 leaves and established roots.

    Tradescantia Zebrina


      • Leaves have a fuzzy texture
      •  Fast growing and spreading
      • White flowers
      • Deep green
      • Terrestrial 
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